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Nurses at Johns Hopkins Bayview touch people’s lives on a daily basis. Working with a staff of the best and brightest people in their fields, our nurses enjoy vast opportunities for personal and career growth.

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Neurosciences Critical Care Unit (NCCU)

The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center's neurosciences critical care unit (NCCU) treats neuro-medical and neuro-surgical patients who are critically ill with or without multi-systems dysfunction.

The staff provides continuous intracranial pressure monitoring, bedside neurophysiologic diagnostics and other services. Nurses in the unit are fully trained in the recognition of neurological dysfunction and deterioration, and collaborate with physicians and other staff to ensure the best care possible.

   Patient population: those with brain injury, back/spine surgery,
   CVA, seizures, spinal cord injuries, brain tumors or brain bleeds

   Number of beds: 10

   Nurse/patient ratio: 1:2 for NCCU, 1:3-4 for intermediate care,
   depending on acuity

   Rotation/shifts: Up to 50%, average 12-hour shift length, no on-call

   Orientation: 12-24 weeks, every new orientee has a preceptor