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Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

As an academic medical center, we believe that your career should be full of stimulating experiences and continued exploration. True growth comes from a commitment to developing new strengths while capitalizing on known talents. That's why numerous advancement options and continuing education opportunities are in place to help you move your career forward.

Employee Benefits
Employee Resources
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Paid Time Off
Retirement Benefits
Paid Time Off

We recognize that in today’s hectic world, our diverse employees need some flexibility in their lives, as well as the opportunity to relax and recharge. A generous amount of paid time off is an important part of our benefits package.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center employees accrue paid time off biweekly. The time they earn can be used for any reason, including illness, vacation or personal time.

Regular full-time employees accrue paid time off based on their position and length of service. Part-time employees earn paid time off on a prorated basis based on the hours they have worked. All employees may carry over one and a half times their annual accrual into the next year.


Johns Hopkins Bayview provides employees with seven paid holidays per year: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday, Memorial Day (Monday), July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Employees are paid for each holiday depending on how many hours they are regularly scheduled to work.